Bob Gustafson, in a recent letter, pokes fun at science for coming to some strange conclusions. This is why he pays no attention to scientists who say that humans cause climate change.

But surely he believes in the science of the weather, global warming and climate change. Convection is the secret behind global warming. Convection is the “transmission of heat through solids and fluid media, liquids and gases.” When carbon is burned, carbon dioxide is formed and the sun”s energy, that had been stored therein for millions of years, ever since the first moments of photosynthesis, is released. Millions of tons of carbon dioxide are carried aloft by equally impressive amounts of energy.

At the same time, nature releases two other sources of energized “air.” When nature “burns” carbon in respiration, plant decay and when nature evaporates water over water surfaces, countless millions of tons of carbon dioxide and water molecules are rising (“warm air rises”), carried into the atmosphere by the energy that had been released when convection took place.

Nature”s turbulent masses of energized air are the beginnings of the winds of weather. Energy drives the weather, creates the winds of weather and the thousands of events that make up the weather.

Man is unwittingly influencing the weather when he burns fossil fuels.

Global warming is the weather only more extreme. Global warming is the weather on steroids, energy.

— Francis X. Farley

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