Watching the Butte County Board of Supervisors meeting of Dec. 12, I was reminded why government at a national and state level is so inefficient. The issue was the regulation of marijuana. The board tried a strict ordinance, which was overturned by a vote of the people. The board put the anti”s and pros together with the sheriff and the district attorney and came back up with an ordinance that lasted one year.

Now as I watched the attempt to make the ordinance more strict, it appeared four members were trying. The other supervisor appeared to be angry he couldn”t get his way and publicly chastised the other four. Now I cannot remember him ever voting before to keep the rules more liberal nor can I remember him out campaigning to defeat the “Let Granny Grow Initiative.” Larry Wahl, we need more common sense and less disruption. We the people need more action and less campaigning. In the end, Wahl actually voted to keep things as they are — less restrictive.

— John Allen, Oroville

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