To the Editor:

In case you didn’t hear, my son, Jake Salter, has been incarcerated since Dec. 20, 2011. He really has an innocent spirit and shouldn’t be locked up. However, he made some wrong choices.

He attended schools here in SoHum from as early as second grade. That was in 1994 and has accumulated many friends. He feels very alone in the jail system – duh! He is learning a lesson. He found God. He draws and writes poetry.

The following is a poem he wrote.

Darkness and loneliness fill my cell with pain and fear too great to yell.

I wait for the mailman to deliver to me as I wipe away tears that no one will see.

I pray so sincere with head raised above, “Please God, send a letter with love.”

I long to gaze upon pages so dear with riches to bring my loved ones near.

Words of diamonds on pages of gold, a message from heaven as their story is told.

”We love you, we miss you, we pray you’ll be free.”

A treasure-filled envelope just for me.

Please bring memories of joys I once knew, family, friends and things I would do.

The darkness and pain of my cell will prevail, as my name again was not called for mail.

Jake Salter

If you would like to write to Jake his address is: Jake Salter, #26147298, CCA P.O. Box 3002, California City, CA 93504

Harolyn Spritz-Salter-Bukur


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