SACRAMENTO — A Nevada man dubbed the “fedora bandit” because of the hat he often wore while allegedly holding up banks, has been charged in federal court with seven robberies, including two in Butte County.

David Griffith Osborne, 74, of Carson City, allegedly robbed the Gridley branch of Bank of the West on April 26, 2010, and the Chase Bank in Paradise on June 29, 2010, his last known hold up.

He is also charged with robbing four other Bank of the West branches in Northern California, and an American River Bank branch in Rancho Cordova.

According to court documents, Osborne also committed the April 12, 2010 armed robbery of the Bank of the West”s Carson City, Nev. branch.

Because of his age, Osborne was also called the “geezer bandit” and the ”granddad bandit.”

Several law enforcement agencies cooperated in the investigation of Osborne, including the Gridley-Biggs and Paradise police departments.

Osborne is currently in federal custody on unrelated charges. He faces up to 25 years in federal prison for each armed bank robbery, but the actual sentence will depend on several factors, authorities said.

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