To the Editor:

I believe it will soon come to pass that there will be a great awakening or spiritual cleansing, as the Hopi Prophecy foretold.

The 10th anniversary of 911 is almost here, and it reminds me a lot of the 10th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. While to many people it was plainly obvious that Lee Harvey was not a lone nut, most were brainwashed by the huge propaganda assault. Also, most people simply could not believe that maybe jfk+LSD=DOA was an inside job because there was still no context in their minds about the CIA.

Is it going to take 50 years for us to smell a rat about 911? The Internet is like pearls before swine, because all the information is there, but most people are either too dumb to analyze it, or they don’t want to know. One would have to be a wild coincidence theorist to think that some Muslims did 911 with boxcutters and Dick Cheney didn’t set it up. The Patriot Act passed the next day, goodbye freedoms, hello new world order. Unfortunately, Americans are like Homer Simpson, who said, "Facts are meaningless, they can be used to prove anything." The greatest victory of the super rich is our inability to discern the truth.

The Hopi are perhaps the only culture which still has stories of great purifications before the flood, telling of how the world has been changed four times previously by the powers of earth, wind, fire and most recently water. They say they came into this latest world through a reed. Now the fifth one is supposed to be by spirit. The biggest flood in NYC history started on 12/10/92, the day when the last elder was finally allowed to give the Hopi Prophecy inside the U.N. There were three feet of water running down Wall St. that day. Interestingly, the prophecy also mentions that the ocean will turn black. Three times in the past 10 years seabirds have washed up on our local beaches dead from starvation. When will we wake up?

Will Randall

”Druid Ozone”


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