Nine people were in attendance at the January 27 Youth Alive! meeting. They were Danielle Daniel, Steven Quiggle, Nonae Sears, Gail Eastwood, Micheal Shearer, Saxon Roe, Christina Huff, Rachel Sowards Thompson, and Sara Champie.

The new vision, mission statement, and strategy were read.

The Mateel accountant, Amie McClellan, was unable to attend but sent the Youth Alive! budget. They have $3,035.00 in their account. They spent the Catalyst grant moneys and have spent a small portion of the donations moneys to cover expenses. YA! is interested in using some of these funds to pay a coordinator position for the coalition.

Current Projects

The group agreed that Youth Alive! would cover the registration fees for teens who wanted to attend for the North Coast Youth Summit on February 12th.

Champie reported on ticket donations to theater shows in Northern Humboldt. Different ideas for how to use the tickets were discussed, such as incentives for service projects, for teens that have not already been to a theater show in Northern Humboldt, given to teens involved in theater programs, or given away in a lottery at the Equality Club event in March.

YA! could supplement these free tickets and take more teens to the performances. Micheal Shearer offered his 9-passenger van for transportation.

Tickets are available to the following theaters:

o Eight tickets to any Dell’Arte student show (must use before June 5th)

o Four tickets to any Ferndale Repertory Theater show in 2011 (must call and make a reservation)

Outdoor Adventures

Champie shared the Outdoor Adventures (OA) yearbook with the group. This yearbook will be given to all the teens involved with OA so far and made available to the community as well, perhaps for donations?

She reported on the new partnership forming between Outdoor Adventures and the Lost Coast Interpretive Association. OA is interested in applying for the Catalyst grant under the LCIA’s 501c3. This does nit mean that any other projects (youth events, mural/art projects, community service projects, and other YA! activities) will be sponsored by, or involved with, the Lost Coast Interpretive Association.

Recycled Youth

Recycled Youth Video Project update: Eddie Sincere was unable to attend but called Champie and reported that he is still interested in working with teens to edit footage from Recycled Youth and create a promotional video for the program.

YA! has permission to use the Redway School Mac Lab. They may need more mentors (1-to-1 ratio works best with video editing projects/help teens learn the software). They decided to check back in on the project next month.

2011 Mural Project

They are seeking a lead artist to create another mural this spring and summer. They decided to use the Mateel members and SHWT list to promote the project.

Grant funding for the project was discussed; possibly an HAF grant (to cover supplies and a stipend for the lead artist). This grant application could be done by the YA! coordinator discussed earlier Steven Quiggle offered the 501C3 of the Southern Humboldt Youth and Community Services for mural grant applications.

Rachel Sowards Thompson offered that the new LCIA barns might be available for mural art.

Community Event

A community event was discussed and Champie shared that the SFHS Equality Club was in the process of planning a self-expression night in March. The students want to have an open mic, music and art display. The group discussed how to support the project, perhaps making it an intergenerational event, etc.

New Project Ideas

Steven Quiggle brought up his involvement with the theater project on the new College of the Redwood’s campus in Garberville.

Some suggestions included:

o Space for events

o Seeking youth input in their process

o Practical skills/community service opportunities for teens such as painting the building, helping to fix up the space

Teen Driving

Saxon Roe brought up an article in the Trader about a Teen Driving Safety Program for Humboldt County. The Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services has been awarded $145,000 to prevent car accidents involving youth.

This money can be used for:

o Education campaigns at local high schools

o Saturday workshops for teens and parents

o Education kits for parents and new drivers

o Evening community presentations for parents and teens

YA! can contact the Youth Driving Coalition to request events in Southern Humboldt at (707) 445-6024 or e-mail

Other Business

Christina Huff brought up a story telling event that YA! could get involved with.

Michael Shearer offered a glass blowing workshop at his studio in late February or March with a two-day workshop for 4-5 teens. YA! would cover the costs of approximately $300.

Christina Huff offered to coordinate with the STEP UP program/pay student’s wages for the workshop as work-skills training

An Intergenerational Ropes Course was discussed and more research is needed to find out if there is teen interest.

Gail Eastwood will attend a peer mediation meeting in February to find out if they are interested in another Alternatives to Violence workshop.

Champie added a Flip Camera (video camera) to the YA! wish list. It was suggested YA! talk it over with the Mateel to make sure we can use some funds for this.

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