To the Editor:

I am replying to a letter submitted by Gina Paine in last week’s Independent, now proposing a sports complex and playing fields for down at the Community Park. Let me applaud her years of dedication, service and energy to youth soccer in Southern Humboldt.

Since there has been no detailed information, no results from community planning meetings, no studies or reports submitted to the County by the Community Park Board concerning your group’s proposed project and no information provided for environmental and habitat concerns, at what point will the Community Park Board’s rezone application include your group’s idea and dreams?

As it stands right now and only including what the Park Board has submitted for public comment, the area proposed for ball fields is also where the Park Board is proposing a 20 to 30 acre parking lot for concerts and festivals. I might add, all of these proposed projects are planned for the historic orchard site, on the upland CCOF hay field, a location that will take away the home and food source of many of our neighboring indigenous wildlife inhabitants, not to mention changing the entire Park landscape, impacting eco-systems and wetlands in and around the South Fork Eel River watershed.

It’s also hard for me to understand how anyone could just support the rezone for sports fields, when sports fields would be bundled into the entire Park Board’s rezone efforts, including: permanent commercial concert and festival venue sites, parking on the river bar, camping and housing development. And, unless people are getting to sporting events and tournaments any other way but Sprowel Creek Road, there are still major safety concerns involved that cannot be supported.

The Park Board is still missing a Management Plan for the Park, which has resulted in vagueness and confusion. They are trying to fit a lot of incompatible development into one Community Park rezone. Your group might consider holding some community planning meetings, real public meetings, including the Park Board. Maybe an environmental habitat assessment and feasibility study would be a good place to start — something more than a concept drawing.

Ed Voice and Voice Family

Neighboring home and property owner since 1966


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