To the Editor:

Once again Jehovah God is supplying more Pacific Ocean tsunamis.

Since the Indian Ocean tsunami, on Dec. 26, 2004, (that affected eleven nations with shorelines), there have been six notable Pacific Ocean tsunamis that followed. The Indian Ocean tsunami was created by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake that lifted the sea floor with a 10-yard steep rupture.

Jehovah’s foretelling of a Pacific Ocean tsunami that would follow the Indian Ocean tsunami was fulfilled in the South Pacific at the Solomon Islands on April 1st 2007 after an 8.1 magnitude earthquake.

Jehovah God’s foretelling of the second prophecy (that there will be more Pacific Ocean tsunamis soon and not in the other oceans nor seas, yet), has also been continuing to be fulfilled.

The second Pacific Ocean tsunami to follow the Indian Ocean tsunami was again in the South Pacific with an undersea cauldron eruption and 7.8 magnitude earthquake off the coast of the Island of Tonga on March 19, 2009.

The third prophecy fulfilling tsunami, again in the South Pacific, happened on Sept. 30, 2009, in the Samoan Islands after a 7.6 magnitude earthquake. This tsunami hurled four tsunami waves onto the islands of Samoa and Tonga that caused six deaths in Tonga and 119 in Samoa.

The fourth Pacific Ocean tsunami fulfilling prophecy happened on Jan. 4, 2010 again in the Solomon Islands after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake.

The fifth prophecy fulfilling tsunami happened in the South Pacific Ocean on Feb. 27, 2010. The South American nation of Chile was struck by a deadly tsunami that followed a devastating 8.8 magnitude earthquake off that coast. Tsunami warnings were issued throughout the Pacific Ocean shorelines, especially for the island State of Hawaii, but with no sizable reports of any more tsunamis.

The sixth Pacific Ocean Tsunami fulfilling prophecy happened again in the South Pacific near the Indonesian Island of Sumatra, Mentawai Islands and the North, and off the coast of the Island of South Pagai on Oct. 26, 2010. The 7.7 magnitude quake caused a ten-foot wave that hurled a boat into a ship, (freighter), that caused an explosion on the freight deck of the ship. The tsunami initially caused 450 deaths, with 96 still missing.

Jehovah’s second forewarning prophecy through this provided prophet remains the same, and is as follows, Thus says the Lord of hosts: “There will be more Pacific Ocean tsunamis soon. Not in the other oceans nor seas, yet.”

Ministry work traveling to deliver God’s three-part Test of Faith Message to community leaders and others may begin early this spring season. This ministry may go to the northwest and southwest and in the Mississippi River area.

This prophet has waited, as instructed, for faithful support of our nations Test of Faith Message Ministry. Yet having been left without the needed support to minister among them, without appearing as many others who are also asking for help, this season God’s prophet may look more like a beggar.

Without wisdom from above to know the difference between the usual prophet and a Test of Faith Message prophet, fellow citizens may only persecute and accuse rather than listen and faithfully support.

The ministry van may or may not be of use this season depending upon receiving faithful support for gasoline, or not. The remaining option to hitchhike with ministry sign in hand may be of use this season. Waiting for a ride in a vehicle large enough to bring the ministry sign into may require much more patience on my part.

As our Father God is also doing, have a great day every day.

Prophet Mark

Test Of Faith Message Ministries


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