photo captions:

1. Adrienne Ralston, Sydney Fishman, and Isabel Maggianni will entertain you at Variety Night this Friday in Garberville.

2. Ruby Guillette and Amelia Albee from the South Fork High School Drama Club invite everyone to enjoy the program and dinner.

The South Fork High School Drama Club will hold its Variety Night on Friday, Feb. 11, at 7 p.m., in the Fellowship Hall in the Community Presbyterian Church in Garberville. You will be entertained by student actors as they present various monologues and pair scenes, and with music students who will delight us with song.

All of this will take place as you dine on a delicious pasta dinner. Dinner tickets are available for $10 from drama students, or at the door. Homemade desserts will also be available separately. All proceeds benefit the South Fork Drama Club.

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