To the Editor:

This year has brought some big changes to the Mateel Community Center. In the recent election for the Board of Directors, Doug Green, Jackie Panteleo, and I were elected to replace outgoing board members Bob Stern, Pleasure Strange, and Al Ceraulo. We would like to thank them for their many contributions to the Mateel over the years and look forward to seeing them around the hall. Additionally we’d also like to thank former president of the BOD, Joe Hiney, who has chosen not to fulfill his term.

The new board has already begun its work and things seem to be going very smoothly thus far. We have filled empty staff positions and elected our new officers. We are pleased to announce that Doug Green will be the board’s new president, Agnes Patak will step in as vice-president, Katz Boose will be our new treasurer, and Jackie Panteleo will take on the role of secretary.

We have also hired John Jennings as hall manager and the grounds are already looking much better with building maintenance as a priority. Julia Minton is our new office assistant and if you are interested in volunteering for any upcoming events, including our summer festivals, you can contact her at

We are also planning to rehire Cathy Miller as our sponsorship coordinator. Otherwise our same friendly staff is there to assist you and answer your questions. The office is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday-Friday and we can be reached at 923-3368 or

With these major changes in the works, staff morale is high again and I think everyone involved is excited about the year ahead. The Mateel is here to provide an important service to this community and I think you will find that this staff and board are going to work together to best achieve this end.

If you would like to contact the board for any reason, you can e-mail us at (thanks for setting that up Julia). I hope you all will support us no matter what opinions you have formed about the Mateel in the past. Reggae on the River 2011 tickets will go on sale March 1, and some nice surprises will soon be announced. Also, don’t miss Mighty Mateel Players this coming weekend or Ky-Mani Marley on Valentine’s Day.

Alden Akselsen


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