To the Editor:

The Avi Livingstone Breath of Life Scholarship Board would like to thank the following people and businesses for their support of our fundraiser on the evening of Feb. 2.

SHWT and Kathy Epling for providing us with non-profit umbrella coverage, bank account use and ongoing support. Cecil, Julie, Cecil’s Staff and Josh Sweet who allowed us a beautiful venue to hold our event. Francine Allen for her incredible music (as well as a monetary percentage of CDs sold at this gathering), along with Jolyn Kotke for stage announcing tying together music and speakers. Katy Stern for her good energy and keeping us on time, BR Graham, who along with the Mateel Community Center copied the posters with BR also providing great KMUD radio coverage for us. Shelley Conrad for designing the posters, Laura Wilder for helping to get the silent auction baskets together, Donna of Tranquility Lane for providing beautiful floral arrangements, The Pacific Lotus, Whitethorn Winery, Organic Grace, Li’l Sproutz Boutique, Persimmons Garden Gallery for silent auction donations.

Special mention also to Alleta Sauer for the Mother and Daughter basket as well as the African picture that was taken by Michelle Palazzo and Sarah Stark for her beautiful handmade basket. Mary Alice Denson and Eliza Grace Madrone. Lastly Susan (Root) Mazur and Pam Wellish for contributing the proceeds of the books they donated, “HeartsOpenWide.”

This first event has us well on our way to meeting our fundraising goals. Ongoing contributions can be made to the SHWT/Breath of Life account at the Community Credit Union 382B. Thank you Southern Humboldt Community for your donations and supportive spirit. You have invested your money well supporting local dedicated women who have chose the path to provide pre-natal education, care and delivery of generations to come. Our combined efforts will bring licensed/certified midwives back into this community soon.

In Sincere Gratitude,

Breath of Life Board

Lorraine Carolan, Carolyn Eldridge, Casey Schmidt and Patte Rae

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