How great that we”ve been blessed with this wonderful, safe dog park at DeGarmo Park that provides our “best friend” a means of playing, running and socializing with their own. It does double duty by also providing a social venue for us in the process. This is a jewel in the everyday stresses we all face.

Considering all of the benefits of this park, why are some users opting to not be responsible dog owners by not picking up after their dog or dogs? Is it a lack of respect for their community? Or, too busy socializing with others and not paying attention to their dogs? There are too many “doggie calling cards” in this park.

We”ve been provided (around the park) with the bags and disposal bins for keeping this wonderful park clean and enjoyable for everyone who visits, yet the “doggie calling cards” are still scattered around the park. Suggestion: Take a bag when you enter and watch your dog during your time there.

The dog park is a true benefit to this community and is based on the cooperation of everyone that uses it in order to keep this jewel available to all of us into the future. If you don”t want to participate in the future of this, then don”t enjoy the benefits of it now.

Be a responsible dog owner and community participant. Keep our dog park clean and please pick up after your dog.

— Marilyn Molinoli, Chico

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