Two weeks ago, a group of citizens met to discuss their perspectives on the new Chico General Plan in hopes of finding overlapping concerns that could lead us to common action.

It has been years since I reserved a library room for a meeting, well before I became advocacy director for Butte Environmental Council, and I forgot the rules. My new assistant, who made the reservation over the phone, never knew that meetings there must be public. I had found out about our mistake by the time your reporter called me for the story.

I called the reporter back after the article appeared because he incorrectly stated that a library contract had been signed. I did not ask him to print a correction to the article because I did not want to make the library look bad too. Your editorial, however, continues the falsehood and makes it appear that we were informed and then broke the rules deliberately. That is simply not true, and now I feel I must refute your fabrication publicly.

My assistant made the reservation over the phone. Neither she nor I signed a contract, nor did the library state the public meeting rule verbally or in writing before the meeting.

Still, we did hold a meeting in a public place, and ignorance is no excuse, so I have since apologized to Mary Kennedy for her being asked to leave. I would like to take this opportunity to sincerely apologize in public for our inappropriate action.

— Robin Huffman, Paradise

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