1. Erica Gray’s 2nd and 3rd grade class from Whitethorn School enjoyed a brief break in the recent rainstorm, and took a field trip to Shelter Cove on Wednesday, May 19. They are from left to right in the front row: Noah Wallaceboyd, Elias Sykes, Kylie Messenger, Hana Goodkind, Arianna Cheney, Aidan Willner, Austin Gray, Ocean Hargrave, Rowan Riley, Daniel Murchison, and Elisha Pike. In the back row they are: Cobi Goodkind, Aidan Wilson, Kaleb Cogswell, Sophia Wallaceboyd, Vivian Noll, Lan-na Sayles, Lydia Clem, Amicah Pike, Rebecca Froslie, Gina Froslie (parent), and Michelle Forden (aide). Led by Rachel Sowards from BLM, students spent the morning exploring the tide pools. Rachel provided pairs of students with guidebooks, and set them to the task of identifying all the organisms from their guidebook. Highlights of the day were finding a sunflower sea star, touching the tentacles of huge anemones, viewing an urchin pool, seeing a white sea lion basking on the rocks, and watching the students happily explore for hours.

2. Sophia Wallaceboyd and Lydia Clem search for sea creatures illustrated in their guidebooks.

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