To the Editor:

As the coordinator of the Michael Fey workshop and Redwood Forest Futures discussions held at the Redway Elementary School on March 13, I would like to extend the heartiest thanks to several people for their help in making the event a great success. The food, spreads and presentation were tastefully prepared and arranged by Rae and Jim Shiraishi. Bread and goodies were baked by Toni Ross. Kitchen assistance and clean up were by Sandy Shearer and Sarah Tittmann. Coffee was provided by Signature Coffee in Redway. Many thanks go to the office, custodial and kitchen staff at Redway Elementary School. Special love and thanks go to Allison Mitchell for her help in coordinating the event.

Over 50 people assembled to discuss the future of forests in the Redwood region dealing with topics of fire reduction, biomass utilization, watershed and forest restoration, recreation and tourism, expanding youth opportunities in the woods and resource and marketing development. The event was sponsored by the Institute for Sustainable Forestry and Redwood Forest Foundation, Inc., and we expect to continue the discussions on forest revitalization in our region. Thanks to all those who attended and help put on the event.

Chip Tittmann,

ISF Board


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