The public hearing for the Negative Declaration on Redway’s water system improvement project did not attract any member of the public or even a quorum of the board on Wednesday evening.

The hearing had been scheduled to be held in the parking lot of the Healy Senior Center because another group was using the meeting room. Heavy rain forced a move to the service district’s office next to the Redway Fire Department.

Board chair Michael McKaskle was out of town, leaving a bare quorum of three available in his wake. In McKaskle’s absence, Vice-chair John Rogers was to conduct the meeting. Rogers opened the meeting a little after seven, with only board member Virginia Graziani in attendance. By 7:30 remaining board member Linda Sutton had not arrived and phone calls to her house went unanswered.

While waiting, Rogers, Graziani, Business Manager Troy Harrington-Dean and Operations Manager Ken Dean discussed whether or not a public hearing without any public or a quorum of the board satisfied state requirements. The meeting had been noticed for the required 30 days and no one was certain whether mandates had been met. Harrington-Dean and Dean will seek clarification from the district’s project advisors and the item will appear on the district’s next regularly scheduled meeting on April 21.

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