To the Editor:

Now that spring is upon us we find ourselves busy with preparations for the next season. Seeds are beginning to arrive in the mail, propagation tables are ready in the greenhouse and planning is under way for another year of farming at the Community Park. We have decided to take a year off from conducting our popular CSA program, have heard from some disappointed people, and we’d like to discuss what it is we are doing this year and where we are headed.

We will still be growing a good supply of vegetables and melons, and will be attending the weekly Farmers Market in Garberville. In addition we’ll offer a weekly Farm Stand early in the week, starting in early summer. Those who enjoy coming down to the park and picking up fresh local veggies will still have the opportunity to do so. This will also give us the flexibility to offer for purchase box amounts of crops like cucumbers and tomatoes for your pickling and canning projects. As usual, we will be making our produce available to the grocery stores.

This year we’ve taken on the challenge of bringing draft horses into our farming practice, and to that end have made training this young team a priority for the next year.

We will be also taking some time to work on the soils for the purpose of restoring balance and vitality, and working to reduce some invasive plant species that have become established on the agricultural land. A portion of the land will also be given over to wheat farming and seed production.

A couple of other aspects of this year’s work will be growing and marketing organic hay as a fundraiser for the Community Park. This last fall the park invested in reseeding the hay fields, and we are looking forward to a healthy stand.

We continue to be inspired by innovative work being done all around the globe by sustainable farmers. Principles such as preserving wildlife habitat, maintaining soil fertility organically, and contributing to the community resilience, guide our efforts.

Returning to the CSA program in 2011 is definitely a possibility if we can form a core group to help implement the program. We are thinking about hosting an autumn local foods potluck and planning meeting for those interested. Watch for announcements.

Thanks to everyone for your incredible support, and for the opportunity to farm.

John Finley

and Lisa Solaris


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