Chris Durant

The Times-Standard

One Ettersburg resident and four Guatemalans were arrested Tuesday when the Humboldt County Drug Task Force served warrants on two pieces of property.

A press release from the task force said agents served the first warrant on the property of John Shepp, on the 9300 block of Wilder Ridge Road in Ettersburg.

Shepp was arrested at the scene, and agents allegedly found 20 pounds of packaged marijuana, a scale, packaging material and what they believe to be records of related financial transactions.

Two buildings were found on the property where a total of 1,759 marijuana plants were growing.

Agents then noticed the parcel next door, and believed it was being used to grow marijuana, as well. A search warrant was requested, and agents arrested four men from Guatemala who were trying to leave the land.

The warrant was received, and agents found a two-story grow structure with about 2,300 plants.

Agents also found financial records, packaging material, commercial trimming machines and about 20 pounds of packaged pot.

A storage unit belonging to Shepp in Redway was also searched, and officials found another 20 pounds of weed.

Three diesel generators were seized.

Shepp and the other four men, whose names were not immediately known, were booked into the Humboldt County jail on suspicion of cultivating marijuana and possessing marijuana for sale.

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