Mission and Vision Statement of the Southern Humboldt Unified School District


Last spring, the governing board of the Southern Humboldt Unified School District hosted a community charrette at Redway School. There was an excellent turnout of parents, teachers, staff, administrators, and others interested in education and the future of our schools.

Topics were divided between the members of the board and a different classroom was devoted to each topic: Curriculum, Community Involvement, Revenue (bonds, parcel tax, etc.), and Mission and Vision. After lunch and comments about the goals of the charrette, members of the public rotated between rooms and shared ideas and insights with each other and the trustees.

Discussion in the Mission and Vision groups focused on community expectations, present strengths, and future needs. Lists were made and notes were taken during meetings with three different groups of participants. When they were compared, common themes emerged. These are reflected in the new Vision Statement adopted by the district’s governing board.

A vision statement describes goals and direction. Our vision statement contains many things already attained as well as what we hope to see in the near future.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Southern Humboldt Unified School District is a commitment to educational excellence through a comprehensive program that promotes the success of all students by empowering them with the skills and attitudes necessary to be confident and engaged citizens of a changing world.

Vision Statement

All students will be challenged and supported to achieve their unique potential. They will be enriched through sound and diverse curriculum provided by dedicated and innovative teachers and staff. Students will be inspired to be lifelong learners with a clear view of their horizons.

Their schools will be safe and welcoming, equipped with the tools they need to fully benefit from their learning experience.

Our students will value and master the complex concepts and skills they practice and learn in small classroom settings and other learning venues. A core academic curriculum will provide them with a competitive 21st Century education, expanded and enhanced through rich and essential opportunities in Fine Arts, Performing Arts, Vocational, Technological, Honors and Advanced Placement classes and extracurricular activities. Each stage of our students’ education will prepare them for the next and, upon graduating, for the world beyond our schools.

Our students will contribute to their community, aware that it supports them through tireless contributions of time, talent, commitment, and financial resources. This invaluable model teaches our students to appreciate and practice service to others.

Our students will embrace diversity. Respect and personal responsibility will be instilled in them as they learn and experience these qualities in their schools and community.

Our unique and beautiful location will be home and classroom to our students as they study, improve, and honor the environment that surrounds them. They will be its stewards and its ambassadors as they protect it and teach others to cherish our natural resources.

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