The following is a letter to the Southern Humboldt Unified School District which was submitted to the Redwood Times as a letter to the editor.

This is a written complaint, as a follow up to my oral complaint given on 9/11/08 to the school board and assembled persons thereof.

I have now personally contacted all employees and officials regarding the cessation of bus service for high school students on Sprowel Creek Road and other affected routes.

This letter will formalize my complaint in writing, as no changes have yet occurred. This letter is directed at Superintendent Clif Anderson, Southern Humboldt School Board, et al; and any other unknown personage responsible for the decision to discontinue bus service to Sprowel Creek Road and other affected routes.

I nor others on our route were contacted by anyone regarding this radical departure of “find your own way to the bus no matter what” normal bus routes. I called because the local paper didn’t show a Sprowel Creek pick up or drop off time. I was told that the bus routes had been eliminated, and service was now downtown Garberville.

No reason was given or has been hence stated to the exact reasons why the routes were canceled. If wear and tear and miles per gallon were the logic behind this departure, then I submit Benbow grade and Alderpoint Road routes would be eliminated, not to mention wear and tear on drivers’ legs (i.e. injuries thereof).

My biggest complaint is the child’s safety. Now it would be over two miles of walking on a very dangerous road for pedestrians if someone could not pick up my granddaughter at 4. The alternative is to stay in town and put up with the homeless or helpless people who frequent our town daily and nightly.

We could get the school to write a letter allowing non-eligible drivers to drive to school, which children are now doing. Matters of safety and liability should be first and foremost on any board’s decision. This is an implementation of “children left behind,” not “no child left behind.”

Please reconsider your decision and work out a plan that protects our children and gives them the safety we all want for them.

Idea 1: The bus to Benbow could take Sprowel Creek riders if any were on the bus after Benbow.

Idea 2: Grade school bus, which still does Sprowel Creek, meet up with high school bus in Garberville in a.m.

I have yet to have anyone give me any specific remedy as to solving this safety and liability situation that now exists.

Please remedy this situation as soon as possible. Fall and winter are approaching!

P.S. I have since learned that the grade school bus was cut to certain routes, notification by a note the student carried home. I attended the Oct. 9 school board meeting and nothing has even been discussed as to a remedy for this situation. If you want to call the school administration to follow up on this, please call 943-1916 or 943-3144. This needs all input from concerned parents and guardians.

David L. Hawkins


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