Warriors coach Steve Kerr brings up notable stat against Kobe Bryant

I lead Kobe in the head to head matchup 10 to five, Kerr said with a laugh.

Kerr even outscored Bryant in their second matchup six to five, when Kerrs Bulls lost to Bryants Lakers 106-90 on February 2, 1997.

Despite Kerrs team success against Bryant, the future Hall of Famer averaged 23.8 points-per-game against teams Kerr played on. Kerr, who played stints on Phoenix Suns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs and Portland Trailblazers averaged three points, 0.7 rebounds and one assist in the 15 matchups.

However, Kerr jokingly wouldnt acknowledge anything but the head to head matchup when pressed further.


There are no other memories other than 10 to five, Kerr quipped.