2013 Garberville Rotary Awards

1. Eighth Grade

English - Alea Ahola, daughter of Michael Ahola and Alice Firestone

Science - Jenny Booth, daughter of Tom and Jodi Booth

Math - Maricela Lopez, daughter of Manuel and Maria Lopez

Social Studies - Raylani Reis, daughter of Worth Reis and Aletta Sauer

Music - Emerald Hockett, daughter of John Hockett and Dorothea Fales

Spanish - Raya Mahony - daughter of John and Jacquelin Mahony

CTE - Aren Arceneaux - son of Marc Arceneaux and Kristina Schlindler

P.E. - Alex Pontoni - Kaye - son of Jessica and Dustin Stark

2. Ninth Grade

English - James Wilde, son of Jim Wilde and Linda Rivas

Science - Raven Mood, son of Reuben Mood and Angela Zane

Math - Jorin Eddy, son of Maria Gale

Art - Emma Valk, daughter of Jade and Chris Valk

Drama - Cody Bowen, son of Ethel Telegades

Music - Kyle Kirkpatrick, son of Jason and Valerie Kirkpatrick

Spanish - Ethan Wolf, son of Eric and Summer Wolf

CTE - Nick Way, son of Dee Way

P.E. - Ashley Carrera, daughter of Michael and Korlee Carrera

3. Tenth Grade

English - Brian Brooks, grandson of George and Susan Brooks

Science - Robbie Anderson, son of Brian and Melanie Anderson

Math - Cole Moody, son of Doug and Shari Moody

Social Studies - Eli Kahan, son of David Kahan and Kay Krantz

Art - Neida Alatorre, daughter of Jose and Angelina Alatorre

Music - Aleksander DePew, son of Sara Dobson

Spanish - Cole Jacinto, son of Michael Jacinto and Denise Kearney

CTE - Kyle Teasley, daughter of Greg and D’Ann Teasley

P.E. - Troy Langley, son of Phillip and Mary Langley

4. Eleventh Grade

English - Samantha Baker, daughter of Michael and Dena Baker

Science - Tyler Hensley, grandson of Tom and Carol Hensley

Math - Kea Orlando, daughter of Deborah Orlando

Social Studies - Samantha Marino, daughter of Charles and Kristin Marino

Art - Megan Garcia, daughter of Kathleen Garcia

Spanish - Dustyn Salomon, son of Jason and Heather Salomon

CTE - Jerad Sherman, grandson of Leland Randall

P.E. - Kyle Wescott, son of John Wescott and Laurie Perkins

5. Twelfth Grade

English - Anais Austin, daughter of Max Baumstone and Mir Holmes

Science - David Chadbourne, son of Daryl and Susan Chadbourne

Math - John Wilde, son of Jim Wilde and Linda Rivas

Social Studies - Devin Hand, son of Leonora Hand

Art - Desiree Trombla, daughter of Scott and Michelle Trombla

Drama - Kayla Totten, daughter of Mike and Gabrielle Totten

Music - Tommy Lasbury, son of Tom and Leslie Lasbury

Spanish - Ismael Lopez, son of Manuel and Maria Lopez

CTE - Elizabeth Kubik, daughter of Mark and Jennifer Kubik

P.E. - Levi Paine, son of Kelly and Gina Paine

Scholarship Recipients

Monroe Tobin Scholarship - Sydney Fishman $1,000

Monroe Tobin Scholarship - Elizabeth Kubik $1,500

Monroe Tobin Scholarship - Julia Franciskovich $1,500

Harold Murrish Scholarship - Rachael Greenfield $2,000

Ray Hartig Scholarship - Kaitlyn Teasley $1,000

Roxanne Futrell/Todd Svieven Scholarship - John Wilde $2,000