Letters to the editor, week of Feb. 21

Dear Editor,

With much gratitude, we would like to thank CHP Officer Phillip Martinson for his help and service beyond the normal expected duties of the California Highway Patrol.

On Thursday night, Jan. 10 during the latest bad storm, three cars suffered flat tires after hitting small rocks on U.S. Highway 101. One of the cars had two flats. We were in an area with intermittent cell phone signal. Officer Martinson changed our tire and helped connect us with AAA for the other cars. I have never experienced this type of hands-on assistance from the CHP. Even the Willits Towing people said that Officer Martinson “is a gem.”

I certainly agree.

As the times get tougher the tough get kinder. Officer Martinson made a big difference for six women and a child that night.

With much respect,

Sandra Tilles

Christy Orion

Dear Editor,

Whale Gulch School students, staff and parents thank Shelter Cove Pioneers for inviting us to participate in their Bingo night on Feb. 11. We appreciate the generosity of the community for coming out and supporting our efforts by purchasing our Mexican dinner.

All the proceeds from the evening are going toward our high school trip to the East Coast. The trip to Washington, D.C., Boston and New York. is scheduled for the end of March.

We also extend abundant thanks to the many businesses that have helped our efforts in the last year and a half: Shelter Cove Store, Shelter Cove Deli, Fish Tank, Grace Us Foundation and Gyppo Ale Mill. Thank you to all the parents and individuals who have purchased candy, baked goods, artwork, home made fudge, tamales and enchiladas.

The effort from students, staff and parents has been commendable. Whale Gulch Students will experience a memorable educational opportunity. We hope to make this an every-four-year field trip, so that each high school student gets hands-on experience with history. Thank you to our great community.

If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 707-986-7131.

Brenda Bullington

Dear Editor,

After much discussion and soul searching with my team at The Cannabis Film Festival, I have decided to postpone our film festival scheduled for April 26-27 at the Roxy Theater in San Francisco as we regroup.

As with most upstarts, we are going through some growing pains in our 3rd year. It has been our goal from the beginning to find new and exciting ways to entertain and inform our audiences and community regarding the new wave of cannabis-related cinema. We accomplished this goal and presently are working on making this objective more sustainable.

We have no regrets and would like to thank the great people at the Roxie Theater for their patience, understanding and support.

Also, my/our amazing staff aka TCFF Team Awesome who has given TCFF the last two years of their lives, and who are just crazy enough to continue working hard to bring TCFF to its next level. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I can’t believe how blessed I am to have you in my world.

To the sponsors who were there in the beginning for the first two years here in little Garberville, Humboldt County, thank you for your support and your belief in my vision.

And last but certainly not least, thank you to the filmmakers; the actors, directors and producers who inspired us, for without you and your vision there could be no TCFF. It has been a joy working and learning from those artists who sent their films to TCFF from all parts of the globe assisting in launching TCFF.

Thank you all who have been with us from the beginning and for all those to come.

Get ready and stay tuned while TCFF Team Awesome does a little restructuring and a lot of establishing a long term win-win relationship based on mutual trust and teamwork, and on sharing of both risks and rewards.


Kellie Butterfield Dodds

President & CEO