Stray pit bulls kill cat in owner’s home

To the Editor:

Last Tuesday April 30 at around 10:30 a.m., two pit bulls entered Ariel Gladden’s house in Redway and attacked and killed her cat in the bathroom. She and other neighbors had seen these dogs running loose in Redway for months and they had come into her yard before and been chased away.

This time she was sitting in her yard eating breakfast with the front door open because it was hot, when the dogs entered her house undetected. She had just come into her kitchen when she heard LeeCee hissing and screeching in the bathroom. She got there and the dogs ran away when she screamed. Her cat had sustained major injuries.

She called me right away and I came over. I talked to the deputy that was sent, then cleaned up the blood in the bathroom, which was everywhere. In the meantime she took her cat to the vets where they charged her $418.00 to have her put down. She is devastated.

One pit bull is black and white. The other is grey and white, both young. If anyone has any information as to who owns these dogs or where they are located please call deputy Zeck 707-445-7251, case # 201302144, or call animal control 707-840-9132 ask for Megan Nims and give the same case number, or Saxon in Garberville at 707-497-9175.

The next victim could easily be a little kid, baby or toddler in his or her own yard or house. We need to do something about the stray dogs in Redway and Garberville. Two or more dogs roaming loose together equal a pack.

Saxon Roe


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Do you know who owns these dogs?