Dorothy Louise Obrien

Dorothy Louise Obrien, was born Dorothy Louise Brown in Baton Rouge Louisiana on August 13, 1923, to parents Joe and Corinne Brown.

She grew up in Roland, Arkansas and moved to Hollywood CA. during World War II. There she met William F. Taylor and they were married in 1948 and had three children all surviving, Terry Taylor and wife, Cathy, of Porterville CA;Toni Taylor Wuenschel, and husband, George, of Missoula Montana; and Tim and Barbara Taylor of Miranda, CA.

William Taylor passed away in 1975, and she was remarried to James O’Brien. They lived together until 1983.

She lived in the Los Angeles area for 50 years and worked as a Registered Nurse in both emergency and critical care capacities. She spent the last 17 years of her career as a psychiatric nurse/ therapist at the Veterans Hospital in Los Angeles, CA.

She retired in 1986, and in 1998 moved to Miranda, CA to live near Tim and Barbara and help raise her grandson Tim W.

She loved all her grandchildren dearly and is survived by them all including Cody and Jessica Taylor, daughters of Terry and Cathy; Jason Taylor, son of Toni and George; and Tim W. Taylor, son of Barbara and Tim.

She lived in Redway, CA. from 2000 until 2011 when she moved to Eureka to an assisted living facility. She passed away peacefully on a beautiful rare sunny day on Wednesday, June 5, 2013 at Saint Joseph Hospital in Eureka, CA. where she was surrounded by loved ones.

She is also survived by her younger sister, Betty Martin, of Woodland Hills, CA who was with her holding her hand until the end when she passed. She will be remembered as a generous person that loved all animals large and small. She was always happy to give of herself, and loved her grandkids. She will be missed.