Virgnia Graziani

Redwood Times

Garberville Sanitary District had to cut water service off and on for short periods of time to customers on Sprowel Creek Road and on the northern half of Redwood Drive from the intersection with Sprowel Creek Road last Friday, Dec. 6, to repair a waterline that sprung a leak the previous night.

In the middle of Thursday night, GSD staff received a report that water was shooting out of the manhole on Sprowel Creek Road near the Hwy. 101 on ramp.

When Caltrans crews arrived to sand the bridge they kept an eye on the leak, said GSD business manager Tina Stillwell. GSD staff reduced the amount of water coming through the pipe but did not shut if off completely, allowing residents on Sprowel Creek Road to have some water in the morning.

At daylight GSD called Wahlund Construction, which found the leak and attempted a quick fix with a repair clamp but ended up having to replace the leaky section of pipe.

The repair was completed and the water was turned back on around 2 p.m.

The leak was not related to GSD's drinking water treatment project, Stillwell said. It occurred in an older six-inch line. The leak was attributed to ground movement and had nothing to do with the frigid conditions last week.