Humboldt County cannabis growers sought for survey on legalization advent

The Washington, D.C., data analytics firm New Frontier is calling on Humboldt County farmers to weigh in on how California’s legalized market will change the way they grow cannabis.

The firm in partnership with the cannabis business consulting and event firm Humboldt Green launched an online anonymous survey containing about 80 questions.

“The survey is targeting growers in the Humboldt region because we’re really trying to understand not just how they are currently producing, but also how they preparing for the transition to the new recreational market and what impact they think it will have to their operations,” New Frontier Executive Vice President of Industry Analytics John Kagia said Saturday.

Kagia said answers will remain anonymous as the firm is looking at the big picture rather than at individual growers. The survey results will eventually be compiled into a report that Kagia said will provide insight to growers, investors and regulators. The firm is hoping to have at least 100 growers participate in the survey.

“We hope that the community will embrace this effort because we really do want this to be a platform that gives the community a voice and one which allows not just the rest of the state, but the rest of the country to better understand what we believe to be the most important cannabis producing region in the world,” Kagia said.

The firm’s Executive Vice President of Communications and Government Affairs Gretchen Gailey said that they recently finished a national survey with the Women Grow organization about gender and diversity issues in the cannabis industry. Gailey said they hope to be releasing the results of that study in a month.

The Humboldt County cannabis survey can be found online at

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