July Complex update: Whites Fire nearing full containment, four hot, dry days predicted

The following is a press release issued by the U.S. Forest Service:

Acreages/Containment: Whites Fire - 33,680 acres at 79%; Man Fire - 1,964 acres at 0%; Cost to date: $34 million

Type 1 Crews: 16, Type 2 Crews: 18, Type 3 Engines: 37, Dozers: 4, Water Tenders: 31, Helicopters: 11

Current information:

Whites Fire — Crews continue to make significant progress along the Sawyers Bar Road eliminating hazard trees, and clearing rock and rolling debris from the road. Structure protection will remain in place in the areas of Idlewild, Robinson Flat and Sawyers Bar. Heavy smoke was observed yesterday around Idlewild due to smoldering fuels. Mop up and patrol status of firelines will continue throughout the area today. Line construction continues on the fire's edge from Etna Summit to Yellow Dog Peak. Smokejumpers will continue to monitor a low intensity area of heat on the west side of Taylor Lake. Handline construction continues down to Lower Russian Lake. The southeastern and southern edges of the fire are in the patrol and suppression repair phases.

Man Fire – Yesterday a 20-person crew of firefighters and two Fire Use Modules used tactical firing operations on the northeast corner of the fire, below the edge of the Pacific Crest Trail to help prevent the fire from crossing the trail. The fire is being managed with a full suppression strategy emphasizing Minimum Impact Suppression Tactics to reduce long term impacts on the wilderness values.

Fire Weather/Behavior:

Humidity recoveries overnight were poor and will result in dry conditions throughout the fire area today. West winds will push smoke into the valley today as well.

Today is the first of a four-day predicted warming trend with higher temperatures and low relative humidities.


The following changes to Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office evacuation orders and advisories went into effect at 6 a.m. Tuesday August 26, 2014. Evacuation Order Changed to Evacuation Advisory:

Effective 6 a.m. Aug. 26, 2014, the Evacuation Order for residents of Sawyers Bar and Eddy Gulch was changed to an evacuation advisory (open to residents only) by the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office, as requested by the July Complex Incident Commander. Activity will continue within the fire perimeter as unburned fuels burn out. Please remain vigilant and monitor official sources for updated fire information.

Evacuation Advisory Lifted:

Effective 6 a.m. Aug. 26, 2014, the Evacuation Advisory for residents of the Sugar Creek, French Creek, Black Bear Ranch, Godfrey Ranch and Blue Ridge Ranch areas was lifted by the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office, as requested by the July Complex Incident Commander.

Road Closures:

For public safety reasons, including the potential for falling rocks, falling trees and the continued presence of emergency equipment, the following road closures remain in effect:

-Sawyers Bar Road, West of Etna to Whites Gulch

-Sawyers Bar Road from Whites Gulch to the Forks of the Salmon (residents of the area are allowed to enter).

Health Issues:

Limit prolonged outdoor activities in areas experiencing smoke from forest fires. The elderly, young children and people with asthma, chronic respiratory illness or heart disease may be particularly prone to adverse health effects from heavy smoke. For air-quality updates, please visit the Siskiyou County Pollution Control District at http://www.co.siskiyou.ca.us/ag/apc.aspx.

Fire crews and equipment will remain in the area. Please keep roadways clear, turn headlights on while driving and DO NOT stop or park along the roads to watch the fire or firefighting activities. Please do not disturb or attempt to operate firefighting equipment placed on your property.

National Forest Closure Orders:

National Forest Closure Order No.14-05-751 remains in effect for the area of the Man and Log fires until these fires are declared out.

National Forest Closure Order No.14-05-748 remains in effect in the area of the Whites Fire until it is declared out.

To view details on this and other closures in the area, go to http://www.fs.usda.gov/alerts/klamath/alerts-notices.

Air Quality:

Smoke might impair visibility on roadways in Siskiyou County areas. Some adverse health impacts are possible. For information on smoke conditions visit http://californiasmokeinfo.blogspot.com/