Watch your step

Watch your step

Anyone who has walked in the wonderful Community Park knows that there is lovely view after lovely view. Forests, meadows, flowering times, leaf color changing time, harvest and planting times, birds all year long with their seasonal changes as well. But watch where you walk!

Rather than being able to simply gaze around there is the all too increasing evidence of the dogs that are walked — often off leash! — in the park. It is not pleasant to step in a pile of dog excrement.

Obviously — no water to wash off the stink before getting into a car. I have yet to walk a pathway without the problem being very, very evident.

Yes, there is some evidence of wildlife excrement on the pathways — they live there — but what about parasites and diseases that our dogs bring to the Park that may negatively impact them?

It defies understanding for me that people do not pick up after their dogs. There are health issues besides the offensiveness of the pile after pile of dog excrement.

At the barn entrance there is a large garbage can where one can place a bag of the excrement. At the

Camp Kimtu entrance no such convenience but it is ever so easy to slip the edge of the bag under the windshield wiper until one can get to a garbage can.

Bags for just this purpose are available at Redway Feed.

Buy one and use it! Contribute to the beauty of the park and the health of the animals.

Charlotte Peltz, Redway