Beaver Fire in Siskiyou County is 20 percent contained

Press release from the U.S. Forest Service:

The lightning-caused Beaver Fire started July 30, 2014. It is located on the Klamath National Forest along Beaver Creek Road, and north of Highway 96 in Siskiyou County, California. Fire officials estimate the fire size at 19,581 acres and 20 percent containment as of 6 a.m. this evening. There are now 1,116 personnel assigned to the Beaver Fire.

Last night hand crews further widened containment line on the southeast corner of the fire where the line comes down the ridge to Highway 96. On the east and northeast portions, tactical burning and direct attack fireline operations were used to better secure the area where northwest winds continue to challenge the containment line.

The night shift built additional handline in the north near Christmas Tree Ridge. The fire was active on the west side, pushing further into Doggett Creek drainage. Firefighters are preparing an additional contingency fireline on the ridge west and above Doggett Creek.

Structure protection around homes and other buildings above Highway 96 continues. None of the 95 threatened structures been damaged or lost.

The National Weather Service has issued a Red Flag Warning for thunderstorms and associated erratic wind predicted for Sunday and Monday.

Travelers and residents are advised to drive slowly along Highway 96 and be aware of crews and equipment along the road.

Evacuation Information: An advisory evacuation has been issued by the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office in place for the area between Lumgrey Creek to Doggett Creek. Evacuees can utilize the Red Cross Shelter at the Jackson Street Elementary School, located at 405 Jackson Street in Yreka. Kennels will also be available to take in small domestic pets at this location. Please call the Beaver Fire Information line at (530) 331-0737 or the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Office at (530) 841-2900 for current evacuation status.

Road Closure Information: Highway 96 is now open. However motorists in the area should be aware that if increased fire activity impacts the road or when work is required on sections of the road, there may be intermittent hard closures. Anyone in the area should exercise caution while driving and be aware of increased firefighting activity. Please call the Beaver Fire Information Line at (530) 331-0737 or CalTrans at 800-427-7623 for road closure updates.

There are multiple fires on the Klamath National Forest in Siskiyou County and in other areas around northern California and southern Oregon. Stay alert and be aware of increased fire equipment traffic on roads. Keep roadways clear; turn headlights on and DO NOT stop or park along the roads to watch the fire or firefighting activities. Additionally, anyone in the vicinity of a fire should be aware of hazard trees, falling rocks that could enter roadways, and smoky conditions. Those with respiratory issues should limit their time and activity level outdoors.

More information can be found at or follow us on Twitter @BeaverFireKNF. Also visit the Klamath National Forest Facebook page for additional updates, photos, and information.