5 dumpsters set ablaze in Eureka; one subject detained

From Humboldt Bay Fire:

Humboldt Bay Firefighters and Eureka Police Officers were called to extinguish and investigate a string of five dumpster fires between the hours of 11:15 PM and 5:00 AM Sunday morning. Dumpster fires were extinguished adjacent to businesses at 14th and Broadway, 7th and K Street, 2nd and H Street, 3rd and H Street, and 4th and E Streets. All fires were confined to the dumpsters with no damage to nearby buildings.

During fire suppression EPD units assisted by checking alleyways in an attempt to locate a suspect or additional fires. While searching in the vicinity of businesses at 4th and E Streets, a 70 year old male, Mr. Ray Mason Keene was interviewed and eventually taken into custody by EPD officers for probation violations. Mr. Keene is on summary probation for previous arson-related charges. As of this press release no arson-related charges have been filed for last night's fires and the investigation is ongoing.

In the past two months firefighters and police officers have responded to numerous similar fires in downtown Eureka. Dumpster and refuse fires pose a significant threat of fire extension to adjacent buildings, vehicles, or other property. Business owners can reduce this hazard by closing and locking their dumpsters after business hours, and ensuring the area surrounding their buildings remains reasonably clear of trash and other debris.