Community members fill up dumpster with trash from homeless

REDWAY >> On Saturday, June 21 a dozen people, including Mike Miller, Matt Futrell, Bob Froehlich, Bekka Storer, Leo Power, Jonathan Richards, Paul Encimer, Cathy Miller, Suzelle, Monque, Larry Lloyd and Kelly Lincoln, participated in a community clean-up of trash and recyclables left by homeless campers. Recology Humboldt County donated the use of a 20-yard dumpster for the effort. The group, organized by 68-year-old Nielson Ranch resident Mike Miller, met at the first turnout north of Garberville at 10 a.m. and collected 2,720 pounds of trash filling the dumpster to the brim.

Among those who showed up to help were three people over 70 and three in their 60s. Miller says he will include radio ads and more flyers in addition to the notice in the paper next time to attract more people to the clean-up.

Miller has been doing a weekly trash pick-up on his own every Friday in Southern Humboldt for the last 2-1/2 years. He hands out garbage bags to homeless campers and asks them to clean up their camps and leave the full bags at the base of their trailheads on Redwood Drive between Garberville and Dean Creek He doesn't ask for donations but says that if people offer them he accepts, as he donates the cost of all the garbage bags and as well as his time and efforts. He wishes to thank everyone who helped with the Saturday community clean-up for a job well done.