RCSD plans water and wastewater capacity study

The board of directors of the Redway Community Services District hired Water Works Engineers to study the district’s water and wastewater systems capacity. The engineer’s cost for the infrastructure analysis was given as $34,015 for work that district operations manager Ken Dean said the district cannot afford not to do, since it is necessary to know the capacity of the district’s current infrastructure for the current customers. And, the district is considering a request for services for a brewery and pub, a request for annexation of a large parcel for subdivision, and there has been an inquiry from a distillery about services from the district.

Josh Monschke and Julia Peacock of the proposed Gyppo Ale Mill brewery/pub were present at the meeting to ask the district to accept the wastewater from the restaurant aspect of their proposed brewery/pub so that they can move ahead with the conditional use permit required for the restaurant by the county.

However, there was some confusion that Dean attributed to the fact that the new business would have two different kinds of operations in one building, a restaurant and a brewery that have separate sewage disposal requirements.

The industrial waste ad hoc committee of vice chair Art McClure and director Linda Sutton said they still did not have enough information yet from the applicant to recommend approval for services for the brewery/pub.

Monschke said the form he and Peacock wanted the district to sign was only about the district accepting wastewater from the restaurant for the county required conditional use permit that is necessary since the land they bought for the brewery is zoned for light industrial, but McClure and Sutton said that the form Monschke and Peacock presented from the county was for both the restaurant and brewery operation.

Monschke asked to attend the committee meetings to discuss the needs of the new business, but the committee said they needed more documentation about the proposal to discuss in committee first.

Included in the board packet for the meeting was Jim Johnson’s draft LAFCo application for annexation of 261.5 acres to the district, but Johnson was not at the meeting. The board deemed it necessary to delay a decision about Johnson’s request for annexation and services for his parcel for subdivision and development until after the water and wastewater capacity study is completed, which will take about four months. The parcel is described in the draft application as being northwesterly of the end of Evergreen Road in the Meadows Business Park. (See Redwood Times article of April 1, 2014)

There has been an ongoing difficulty regarding a corner of the water treatment plant that was on a neighboring property owner’s land. It was reported that the issue has been resolved and the landowners will sign their agreement with the district as soon as the family gets together with a notary.

The water storage and conservation committee of Rian Shultz and Dian Griffith reported they are discussing ideas for water conservation suggestions, including letters to the editors, hand-outs and letters showing customers what percent of water conservation would save them a certain percentage on their bills. Dean suggested outreach and education to schoolchildren about water conservation techniques, because kids will keep on their parents about it, he said.

The board set up a workshop meeting for May 8 to work on policies and procedures including policies on personnel, job descriptions, performance reviews, asset management, benefit records, education, committee functions, records retention and other policies.

They adopted a multiple unit policy and leak relief policy. A living unit is now defined as any residence, trailer, mobile home, habitation or other structure customarily occupied by a person or family containing bath and kitchen facilities. In addition, "multiple dwelling" will require multiple service connections. When more than one occupancy is placed on the same parcel of property and each is conducting a separately established residence or business a water meter will be required and installed for each occupancy.

District business manager Debra Evans is working on a records retention policy and the board accepted a guideline, condensed down from the state of California, for the length of times various records are kept. The office staff is working their way through reorganizing all the district’s records, Evans said.

Evans reported that the district is still advertising and accepting applications for the operations manager position that will be available when Dean retires. The deadline to apply for the position has been extended.