Three suspects arrested in Eureka with pot, guns and a meth pipe

Five bags of processed marijuana, a gram scale, two firearms, a methamphetamine pipe and records indicating drug sale activity were found Tuesday morning by the Eureka Police Department after a car with three suspects was searched.

Three suspects were arrested after a Eureka Police Department officer pulled over a car for reckless driving on Tuesday morning and found more than 4 pounds of marijuana.

"We received a call just after 9 a.m. about a reckless driver entering the city southbound on Highway 101 through the safety corridor," Eureka Police Department's Sgt. Steve Watson said. "An officer attempted a traffic stop around Third Street, and finally got the car to yield at Second Street. While he talked to the three occupants, he smelled marijuana. When he questioned them further, the man who claimed to be the owner of the vehicle, Leng Kao Yang, who is 29-years-old and from Eureka, admitted to a few pounds of marijuana being in the car and also admitted there was a gun."

Watson said Yang and the other two people in the car, Eureka resident Crystal Gene Rose Lapple, 20, and Arcata resident Derek Charles Payton, 21, were detained while the car was searched.

"The officer found about 4-and-a-half pounds of processed marijuana in five separate bags, two loaded handguns, a meth pipe, a gram scale associated with Lapple and records indicating drug sale activity," Watson said.

Yang was arrested on suspicion of transportation and possession of marijuana for sale, being armed with a firearm with intent to commit a felony and carrying a concealed loaded firearm in a vehicle. Lapple was arrested on suspicion of transportation and possession of marijuana for sale and possession of drug paraphernalia. Payton was arrested on suspicion of probation violation.