School board discusses South Fork construction at special meeting

The Southern Humboldt Unified School District board of trustees held a special meeting on Thursday, April 24 to discuss some change orders in construction at South Fork High School.

District superintendent Catherine Scott reported that hot water will be added to the boys’ and girls’ bathrooms in front of B wing at South Fork, a much-requested addition to the site improvements. The estimated cost of the change was $3,110.80, however due to a credit of $4,686.40 from deleting the labor to remove the plaster finish at the interior walls of the B building toilet rooms, the students using that bathroom will get to wash their hands with hot water and the district will save $1,575.60.

The district’s new Division of State Architect (DSA) inspector, John Craven, had recommended that during the construction on B wing, the old redwood bark used for ceiling insulation be removed.

Scott wanted the board to consider whether to do it while the other work was being done on the building, since it would be messy to replace it later on. However, project architect Judy Semingson said it was not necessary and the district need not be burdened with the additional cost of $8,843. The board voted to leave the ceilings alone.

Dinsmore Construction project manager Ryan Huessler discussed problems with stucco on the outside of the buildings in some areas at South Fork and whether to redo the stucco or reseal the existing stucco was discussed. Semingson suggested there would be time to do more research about how to proceed before the next regular board meeting on May 8 and the board decided to table the decision until then.

Huessler reported that the electrician agreed to put the electrical and data in the walls in most places, rather than using surface-mounted raceways.

Scott said the plans of the gym submitted to the DSA did not reflect gym subcommittee suggestions about the laundry room and ticket booth that the board approved in August. She said the contractor, Dirk Dinsmore, and Semingson were concerned about changes to the roofline and structural issues as a result, so Scott asked that the gym subcommittee be reconvened in early May.

Scott said the field at South Fork will need to be moved, but there was a suggestion about a way to move the field to the east and north that would not require the expense of moving the lights.

Semingson reported that the plans for the snack shack are moving through the DSA process.

Due to an application deadline of May 1, the board approved a proposal for a Perkins Grant for career technical education to support the multi-media class that Rob Standish teaches. The grant is for about $8,000 for technical equipment that supports vocational education.

After the meeting, Scott said she is thrilled with the progress of the construction at South Fork. She noted that Dinsmore Construction contractors are working a noon to 8:30 p.m. shift to minimize their presence during school hours.


1. Here is a view into the upgrade work on C wing at South Fork High School in Miranda.

2. Construction is proceeding at South Fork High School. B wing classes are conducted at Miranda Junior High until the work on that building is completed.