Golden Generation visits Southern Humboldt

A group of Taiwanese, Japanese and Singaporean seniors visited the Benbow Inn in Garberville on their 2,000 kilometer, 21-day bike tour along the West Coast of North America.

Their journey began in Burnaby, British Columbia and will conclude in San Jose, at Google’s California headquarters.

The group, which is made up of 42 cyclists, averages 72 years of age - the oldest member is 93. The Golden Generation cycling tour is celebrating its eighth year and has taken participants all around the world. As unofficial ambassadors representing the active older generation in Taiwan, this tour aims to inspire seniors to embrace new challenges and promote Taiwan as a healthy aging society.

"By encouraging people to go beyond their limits, the trip is demonstrating that seniors are a blessing to Taiwan society, not a burden," said David Lee, group leader and CEO of tour organizer Concern and Care Society, adding that they will also be successful unofficial ambassadors for the country wherever they go.


Golden Generation cyclists stayed at the Benbow Inn last weekend on their way south to San Jose.