French’s Camp is not a suitable site for Reggae

To the Editor:

Until the Mateel Community Center can abide by all the rules and regulations they agreed to and were set by this planning commission, then NO, they should not be allowed to increase the size and scope of Reggae on the River from 2013 until they have complied with those conditions.

It would seem after hearing what the Mateel staff stated at the planning commission on April 3 and what was stated in their Post Event Report for 2013, the fact is it’s only the Mateel that wants Reggae on the River at French’s Camp. Saying that having to comply with CEQA and a long list of state and county agencies is creating a "financial hardship" for the Mateel is ludicrous and hypocritically ingenuous.

It’s the Mateel that wants it back at French’s Camp. They knew up front how much money it was going to cost in CEQA studies and reports, which were never required by State Parks at Benbow. Now you can see why they should have kept Reggae on the River at Benbow, not only environmentally, but economically and financially.

With the amount of infrastructure the Mateel has completed and more they plan on constructing, they are building a town and creating a municipality on the river down at French’s Camp, not a temporary four-day music festival. The Mateel should look at the long-term effects, not a quick way to make a buck at the expense of the environment. Sure sounds familiar.

These degrading effects are not created by music, they are created by the thousands and thousands and thousands of people the Mateel Community Center sells tickets to and allows to park, camp, cook, eat, poop, shower and shave on the river, river bar and river channel, which is itself a living community of wildlife habitat, aquatic resources and eco-systems.

I am asking you, speaking for the species that have NO voice, that cannot speak for themselves, to stop this madness. This venue site is not the appropriate place to honor or protect mother earth with song and celebration.

The South Fork Eel River is a state and federally protected Wild and Scenic River, it deserves better than this. We as a species can do better than this. Just say no!

Ed Voice and Voice Family

Garberville since 1966