GSD completes water line work and sewer line repair at intersection

The intersection of Sprowel Creek Road and Redwood Drive has been the scene of unexpected construction and repair activity over the past several weeks, causing residents to wonder what's going on and when it will end.

Back on March 11 Garberville Sanitary District operations staff were called for help when a sewer line backed up at the Shell station at the intersection of Sprowel Creek Road and Redwood Drive. Station personnel had snaked out the line without solving the problem.

GSD staff discovered that the break was in the district's collection line. "Broken clay lines, we find ‘em, they're common," operations manager Ron Copenhafer reported to the GSD board at their meeting last Tuesday night. [See related story in this issue.]

Since Wahlund Construction, the district's contractors for the drinking water treatment plant, was in the neighborhood hooking up meters on Sprowel Creek Road to the new water line, the Wahlund crew dug up and repaired the break.

Then it rained. The repair site became too wet to be paved, so it was covered with steel plates until the soil under the street dried out. A week later the crew came back and completed the paving.

In the meantime, Wahlund continued connecting the new water line with businesses and residences on Sprowel Creek Road. That phase of the project is now complete.

Regarding the mysterious water that surfaced near the north end of Redwood Drive, apparently under the NAPA Auto Parts store, Copenhafer reported that GSD investigated and determined that it is not a leak from a drinking water line, since tests show the water was not treated.

The water most likely comes from a leaking storm drain or French drain on the hillside above the NAPA store, Copenhafer said.