Annexation, industrial wastewater disposal at RCSD meeting

Ten members of the public were present at the Redway Community Services District board meeting to address the variety of topics on the agenda on Wednesday, March 26.

Local developer Jim Johnson was there to talk about the next phase of his planned development that will need to be annexed into the Redway Community Services District. He gave a brief history of the first phases of the developments and proposed annexing 250 acres into the district that he said is laid out in 55 lots and includes a flat area that he suggested would be appropriate for a mobile home park of an unspecified number of units. Johnson said the area is zoned for one unit per five to 20 acres.

The board recommended that he arrange a preliminary discussion with the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCo) and then bring information that is developed with LAFCo back to the board for further discussion.

Julia Peacock and Josh Monschke were at the meeting to continue the ongoing discussion about getting district services for their proposed Gyppo Ale Mill brewery and pub in Redway. District operations manager Ken Dean said he had been in touch with Gyppo Ale Mill's wastewater consultant, John Mercer. Peacock presented a paper with information from their consultant about various ways other small breweries have dealt with wastewater disposal.

In response to their request at a previous meeting, board chair Michael McKaskle had appointed board vice chair Art McClure and board member Linda Sutton to an industrial wastewater discharge research committee. They reported that they had done quite a bit of research and still had a lot of questions about the variables for the brewery's wastewater disposal needs. The board approved an industrial wastewater permit application and Dean said that after Monschke and Peacock fill out the industrial wastewater discharge permit application the board will have the pertinent information needed to make a decision and formulate charges.

Dean gave Peacock and Monschke a letter for the county confirming that they are in negotiations with the district so they can move forward in their conditional use permit application for the pub/restaurant aspect of their brewery operation. Monschke said that the parcel they purchased for the brewery is zoned for light industrial uses.

Mateel Community Center general manager Justin Crellin and Mateel site manager John Jennings were at the meeting to say that they had withdrawn their request to the county to use an additional 700,000 gallons of water over last year's permitted water use for Reggae on the River for 2014.

The Water Conservation committee suggested writing a letter or creating a unified message with other North Coast water districts to the governor addressing water use in fracking and the twin tunnel project and reiterating the drought conditions. McKaskle suggested the committee draft a letter for the board to consider and look into ways to contact other water districts.

District business manager Debra Evans presented the board with a draft definition for multiple dwelling units. The district is in the process of creating definitions and articulating an ordinance so that each customer pays base rates and SEF (System Expansion Fund) fees as required by the state. The board also considered wording for a leak relief policy and ordinance and were assisted by suggestions from a member of the public from the Phillipsville Community Services District.

Evans is pursuing methods for records retention of district paperwork and researched how long different types of district information must be kept.

Evans also reported that she has begun posting for the district general manager's position and asked how much money she should spend on advertising for the opening and where she should advertise. The board suggested spending about $2,000 on advertising in several Northern California urban areas and using Craigslist.

The financial reports were reviewed. The district is eager to change their bookkeeping system to QuickBooks.

In the operation manager's report Dean reported that he had completed the specified state required tests for the Waste Discharge Permit as per the effluent monitoring schedule.

Board chair Michael McKaskle and board member Rian Shultz completed the required ethics training for board members and have received certification.