Track and field season begins with new coach

South Fork High School has a new track and field coach. Josh McDonald is a South Fork graduate and has taken over the reins for this year's season.

McDonald felt that Dustyn Salomon was the only South Fork athlete ready to compete in the HSU relays last Saturday, March 8.

Dustyn ran the open mile and place second for the third time. He ran the open mile with an unofficial time of 4:42. The first place runner was Jose Lopez of Arcata who finished with a time of 4:41.

He then ran in the Foggy Bottom Milk run on Sunday, March 9 in Ferndale. He placed third in the 10-mile run out of 108 runners, in 1 hour 31 seconds. The first place finisher was a runner from HSU Joe Ostini who beat the record for the course in 55 minutes, 19 seconds.

Dustyn has been training for his first marathon coming up Saturday, March 22 in Napa Valley. He is doing it as part of his senior project on how to train for a marathon.

The South Fork track and field team will all be competing this coming Saturday, March 15 at the Panther Relays in McKinleyville. This year's team consists of 11 athletes.


1. Dustyn Salomon with his 2nd place medal from the HSU relays.

2. Dustyn Salomon, #1876, at the beginning of the 4 and 10-mile Foggy Bottom Milk Run on Sunday, March 9.