New local cable channel to broadcast county meetings

A new local TV channel, AH7 is now offered to all Wave Broadband subscribers as part of cable TV service for parts of Garberville, Redway and Benbow in Southern Humboldt County. The new channel is operated by Access Humboldt as part of their mission to provide "local voices through community media."

AH7 was made possible by the county of Humboldt, which requires cable operators to provide public, education and government (PEG) benefits, including community access channels. Wave Broadband operates their cable system under a state cable franchise, which obligates cable operators to conform to county ordinances. The new channel is the result of extended negotiations between the county and Wave Broadband.

Access Humboldt executive director Sean McLaughlin said, "this new channel will provide civic media programming, including gavel-to-gavel coverage of board of supervisors' and Planning Commission meetings, as part of our ongoing efforts to reach out and serve all the residents of Humboldt County. The county CAO and staff are to be congratulated for having the vision and making it possible, and we are particularly grateful to local network access provider 101 Netlink for donating the broadband transmission capacity to deliver this channel from Eureka down to the Wave system."

Seth Johannesen of 101Netlink said, "We are delighted to support Access Humboldt and this project that will benefit the county and serve our local community."

Humboldt County supervisor Estelle Fennell, who represents the area said, "I am very happy to see this day arrive and I appreciate all the hard work and dedication that brought it about. A big thanks to Sean McLaughlin of Access Humboldt, Seth Johannesen of 101 Netlink and our own county staff, all of whom are dedicated to the concept of community empowerment through knowledge. Thanks also to Wave Broadband and local advocates who lobbied for this wonderful improvement to our civic life. Now the residents of Southern Humboldt will have access to county programming that residents of the more urbanized areas have enjoyed for years. I encourage our local citizens to tune in and learn for themselves how county government is working for them."

Access Humboldt is a nonprofit community media organization created in 2006 to manage local community networks and digital media assets for the county of Humboldt and the cities of Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, Rio Dell, Ferndale, and Blue Lake, California. Broadband media resources include cable TV channels, local fiber and wireless network connections, and a community media center at Eureka High School. For information visit online at

For more information about this effort contact: Sean McLaughlin, 707-616-2381 or email

Questions about programming on AH7 should be directed, or call 707-476-1798.