Community journalism workshops promote civic participation

Access Humboldt is proud to celebrate Sunshine Week, a nationwide initiative to promote open government, with two community journalism workshops with Terri Klemetson, public affairs and news director at KMUD Community Radio, on Saturday, March 22 at the Community Media Center on the campus of Eureka High School.

The two workshops, Investigative Reporting and Emergency and Disaster Reporting, are both a part of the Community Journalism Project (CJP), an initiative lead by Klemetson and focused on the basics of broadcast journalism, including: ethics, interviewing techniques, recording equipment basics, writing for radio, story composition and editing.

"I wanted listeners to understand journalism ethics," said Klemetson, describing her vision, "and I wanted to create a space for open dialogue about why and how the KMUD newsroom picked stories to air. It [is] a great forum for open discussion, critique and skill sharing. I also firmly believe that KMUD is more than a radio station, our newsroom needs to adapt to the changing media world and the expansion of social media as a news source and communication tool."

The Investigative Reporting workshop will cover ethics, story composition, and recording techniques as well as the Public Records Act and FOIA requests. Participants are challenged to use social media for modern investigations. The Emergency and Disaster Reporting workshop exposes reporters to all disaster scenarios, reporting techniques used during emergency situations, agency interaction, mapping and technology tools, and team building for success.

Participation in the program does not require prior knowledge of journalism or radio broadcasting. The workshops are each three hours long and admission is $20 per workshop. To register for the workshops call 707-476-1798 or email

Access Humboldt supports a healthy, sustainable information ecosystem for the North Coast, encouraging individuals to participate in a just and open democracy. Other Sunshine Week activities also include televised interview segments with local media leaders, government figures, educators, and other open government advocates as well as public forums in previous years. Regular local government meeting are televised live on Access Humboldt cable TV channel 10.

Access Humboldt is a nonprofit community based organization created in 2006 to manage local community networks and digital media assets for the county of Humboldt and the cities of Eureka, Arcata, Fortuna, Rio Dell, Ferndale, and Blue Lake, California. Broadband media resources include cable TV channels, local fiber and wireless network connections, and a community media center at Eureka High School. For information visit online at