Trees trimmed along Redwood Drive

It has been almost 30 years since Soroptimist International of the Redwoods club members planted the trees along Redwood Drive in Garberville. Over the years local business owners have tried to trim branches back and have planted flowers and plants at their base.

In the last year it has become apparent that the trees needed some major pruning. That's when the Garberville Rotary Club stepped in and asked the Soroptimists if they minded if Rotary looked into what was involved.

It was also an expensive undertaking and one that neither the Soroptimists nor the Garberville-Redway Area Chamber of Commerce could afford at this time. Garberville Rotary Club president Brian Harper and fellow Rotarian Steve Dazey took on the challenge of contacting various tree trimming businesses. It was important they find a company that was qualified to do such a huge job.

Last Wednesday All Terrain Tree Service arrived in Garberville and trimmed all the trees with the exception of the one in front of Getti-Up and the Lone Pine Motel. These three trees were cut way back by business owners to the dismay of some local residents and arborists. When you trim a tree too far back you cause the branches to grow back in an uncontrolled manner and can even cause the tree to die.

All Terrain Tree Service not only trimmed the trees, but also shaped them. By thinning and cutting out all the dead branches the new growth will have plenty of room and nutrients to grow in a much more healthy way. Low-hanging and random branches were also removed opening up the area beneath the trees.

Another solution is being sought to deal with the roots of some the trees that are buckling sidewalks and causing structural problems. A better form of drainage is needed to encourage root growth to go downward instead of out. Hopefully, this will be the next step to keeping Garberville green and provide plenty of shade during the summer months.


1. A professional tree trimmer uses a saw to trim branches in the tree in front of Feather Rose on Redwood Drive in Garberville on Wednesday.

2. All Terrain Tree Service employees clean up around the bottom of a tree after it was pruned and shaped last week in Garberville.

3. This is the wrong way to prune a tree. Two trees were cut at the south end of Garberville just days before a professional tree trimming company shaped the rest of the trees on Redwood Drive.