The Got Respect Store continues to move forward

To the Editor:

Last year The Got Respect Store got on their way to making an important first step in the renovation of the store. American clay was added along with sacred geometry and religious symbols to improve its resonating frequency. We had an open house on the day of the winter solstice, inviting everyone inside to experience this change, and children were allowed to mush their handprints on the clay walls, and were given a case of spring water.

Supporting this movement, I heard the kids ask what the word "respect" means.

Part of the original plan was for a shipping center to help people that shop in town, so we gave you Fed-ex and a new alternative shipping company called GSO, which is all ground shipping that allows you to ship anything you want with the exception of cash or jewelry. GSO can ship anywhere in California and to select regions of Nevada and Arizona. Finally after much effort we got approved from the United States Postal Service for mailboxes so anyone needing a physical address in Southern Humboldt now has the option at The Got Respect Store.

We also have organic cotton, hemp, and bamboo t-shirts available with The Got Respect logo, as well as hats, caps and tote bags. We will continue our research for healthy alternatives for a cleaner planet in our clothing line.

The Got Respect Store is now finalized and moving forward as the official headquarters for the Northern California Respect Festival. These festivals are held around the world, however none are in the United States. We believe by having the festivals and selling our water bottles to provide the donations necessary to help people get clean drinking water in third-world countries, no other respect festivals can beat us.

The concept is simple. With the community’s support the first major benefit is much-needed funds for the South Fork High School Booster Club that we donate $3.33 a bottle to, $3.33 per bottle to the local indigenous people (the Wailakis), and last $3.33 per bottle to under the Northern California Respect Festival.

This will get the attention of the owners, mainly Matt Damon, bringing in the Hollywood stars to Southern Humboldt. Increasing tourism equals more people, which equals the Booster Club’s guaranteed extra money.

At last year’s Reggae on the River the Mateel Community Center purchased our bottled water as a test to see the feedback as a promotion for an additional festival after Reggae. The entertainers loved the idea and the crowd went wild.

One of the store’s focal points is to create avenues in supporting the local community. was founded by actor Matt Damon and we believe if you want to really increase tourism in Southern Humboldt we will be placed on the world map with the Northern California Respect Festival.

Dave Rigney

Got Respect Store