CR’s bountiful harvest

1. Doug Mosel of Mendocino Grain Growers harvests wheat at the College of the Redwoods 38-acre Bianchi Farm in Shively Saturday, Sept. 7 with his small combine, which is designed for use on small trial plots. Eight varieties of organic wheat, four heritage varieties and four modern ones, were planted at the CR Farm last spring in trials sponsored by a grant from the California Wheat Commission to find out which varieties are best suited for the North Coast. After lab tests to determine protein content and other characteristics, local bakers will conduct baking trials.

2. At the far end of the wheat trial plots, Jennifer Ryan presses cider made from CR’s apple trees to refresh workers and participants at the CR Farm open house in Shively

3. CR ag students show off a colorful variety of fresh organic produce grown at the Shively farm during the open house. Students grow the vegetables at the organic farm and sell them on the campus as part of a class, Agriculture Sales and Communication. This course involves the study of principles and practices of the selling process: selling strategies and approaches, why and how people buy, prospecting, territory management, customer service and service after the sale. The CR Farmers Market will be held every Monday and Thursday between 11:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. in front of the campus bookstore.