New lunch option available at The Pig & The Hen

Sandy Feretto

Redwood Times

Erin Keller’s new red food trailer, The Pig & The Hen will be selling gourmet lunches in Sylvandale Gardens’ parking lot on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in the Meadows Business Park.

Keller is excited about what she will be offering at The Pig & The Hen. Tuesdays will be rotisserie chicken plate day, Wednesdays there will be braised pork sandwiches and on Thursdays there will be homemade flatbread wraps, which are vegetarian, but you can add bacon. In addition there will also be daily specials.

Sides of vegetables, pasta or potato salad will be available. She makes all the bread and flatbreads.

One of Keller’s specialties is salted carmel crème brulee These were very popular last year at the farmers’ markets. She also makes cookies and other homemade sweets.

Something else unique will be offered at The Pig & The Hen. Keller will mix various drinking vinegars, originated by Pok Pok a Thai restaurant in Portland where Keller had been a cook. These concentrates will be mixed with soda water, creating beverages that are refreshingly sweet and sour. There are quite a few flavors, including Thai basil, strawberry, raspberry and tamarind.

Keller plans to be open three days a week in the beginning from noon until 4 p.m. or 5 p.m.

She uses an approved commissary kitchen for some of the prep work, but most of the cooking is done to order right in the trailer. She wants everything to be fresh.

The little trailer that houses The Pig & The Hen is a kitchen on wheels. It was designed and built to regulation and Keller bought it brand new from Portland Food Trailers in Oregon. It has an oven, four gas burners, a refrigerator, a rotisserie and cleverly utilizes the small space. The inside is very clean, bright and shiny. Keller is using Sylvandale’s water and electricity although the trailer can use a generator. She is happy to be at the Sylvandale Gardens’ location.

Erin Keller grew up in Southern Humboldt in Salmon Creek. After graduating from South Fork High School she went to Oregon State University. Later she went to the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco and after graduation from there she went back to Portland for six more years and cooked in restaurants.

Keller came back from Portland and took some time off to travel, but now she is excited to be back cooking, which she loves. She is living in Salmon Creek again near her family.

Keller also has a wood fired pizza oven and last year sold pizzas at the farmers market in Garberville. The pizza oven is on a trailer and she can tow it to catering jobs. She still takes it to some of the off-the-grid farmers’ markets and fires up some of her delicious pizzas.

The name, The Pig & The Hen refers to two of Keller’s favorite foods. She cooks with all natural pork and organic chicken. But she doesn’t want people to think she only has meat dishes. Her mother and sister are vegetarian and Keller was raised partially vegetarian so she is well versed in vegetarian cuisine. She says she likes a balance.


Erin Keller in her modern and very functional lunch trailer.