Wolves in the Land of Salmon: free talk and slide show at the zoo

On Friday March 1 at 6 p.m., Sequoia Park Zoo will present a free slide show, talk and book signing by wildlife tracker and photographer David Moskowitz, author of the newly published book Wolves in the Land of Salmon.

Long considered an icon of the wild, wolves capture our imagination and spark controversy. Their return to the mountains, old-growth forests and wild coastlines of the Pacific Northwest renews age-old questions about the value of wildlands and wildlife. Come for an evening of stunning photography and stories from wild landscapes across the Pacific Northwest about the life history, ecology, and conservation of the region’s apex carnivore. David will be signing books after the slide show and signed copies of Wolves in the Land of Salmon will be available for purchase at the event.

"This book is the result of my close observation and exploration of these smart, complex creatures as they live, hunt, and communicate across the vastness of the Pacific Northwest," says Moskowitz. "I’ll also discuss how I traced their biology and ecology through firsthand encounters and challenge assumptions about their role and the impact of even well-meaning human interventions."

David Moskowitz is a professional wildlife tracker, photographer, and outdoor educator. He has contributed his technical expertise to a wide variety of wildlife studies regionally and in the Canadian and U.S. Rocky Mountains, focusing on using tracking and other non-invasive methods to study wildlife ecology and promote conservation. David has worked on projects studying rare forest carnivores, wolves, elk, Caspian terns, desert plant ecology, and trophic cascades. He helped establish the Cascade Citizen Wildlife Monitoring Project, a citizen science effort to search for and monitor rare and sensitive wildlife in the Cascades and other Northwest wildlands.

The talk will take place in the zoo’s classroom in the Secrets of the Forest building at 6 p.m. on Friday, March 1. There is no charge to attend, and both zoo members and non-members are invited. Enter through the main zoo gates.

"We are pleased to host Mr. Moskowitz at the zoo and hear the stories from his new book firsthand," says Gretchen Ziegler, zoo manager. "The story of wolves and grizzly bears in California will play an important role in our upcoming native predators exhibits."