Some of the residents made disappointing choices

To the Editor:

I am not a resident of the Cedar Street Senior Apartments, but I do provide in-home care for two residents and over the past two-and-a-half years have worked for three others. I am there two or three times a week, sometimes more.

The article in last week’s paper reporting some of the residents’ dissatisfaction with manager Patti Rose dismayed me.

Patti Rose was the inspiration for the apartment complex. She conceived the idea and brought it to fruition through several years of hard work and setbacks. She persevered, navigating the huge amounts of red tape, permits, grants and construction. Now we have an affordable senior housing facility with 19 units, largely due to Patti’s dedication and devotion.

Naturally there are regulations and policies to keep the premises clean and safe. Each resident agrees to abide by these rules. There is a process for notifying residents of complaints and infractions. I know that Patti is very conscientious about following the process. There is also a grievance process for residents who feel they are treated unfairly or have other complaints. It was disturbing to read that the residents with complaints chose not to follow the process and present their opinions in writing to the board, but were willing to publicly denounce Patti.

The issue is not that there are problems. There will always be problems and differences between people. The issue is how our problems are dealt with. Do we proceed in a respectful and conciliatory manner with the intent that our problems and issues can be resolved? Or do we choose to dramatize, exaggerate, blame and vilify?

I was sorely disappointed in the choice made by some of the residents last week.

Margaret Lewis