I see her kindness and compassion every day

To the Editor:

I was very upset and saddened by the recent meeting held in our apartment complex on February 15, 2013. What made me feel so sad were the things said by my fellow residents regarding Patti Rose. I felt that those complaints needed to be said privately with a board member and Patti and not in front of a whole group of people during a residents’ meeting.

I liked how the board handled the discussion with the suggestion that people put their concerns or suggestions in writing to the board and that Patti was also following the HUD rules for the complex.

I came to this complex with my daughter three-and-a-half years ago to get on the waiting list for an apartment. My daughter and I visited several times during the years and I found Patti very pleasant and helpful to me and the residents who interacted with her.

Now that I live here, I am very happy being here and I have seen Patti on many occasions being so kind and helpful to many of the residents. She goes out of her way to make this a fair and safe place for everyone. I see her kindness and compassion every day.

Nancy S. Mohr