Criminal and civil suits should be brought

To the Editor:

Your letter to the editor is arrogant, inaccurate, and detestable. "Property rights" include protection from theft of your personal belongings, right? Well, John Casali and his "clean-up" crews have been stealing peoples’ personal property for years now.

Casali loading bags full of peoples’ stolen gear on the side of the road is wrong. Hats off to whoever stopped that from happening. If you’re troubled by public urination or defecation, you’d have supported Debra Carey when she rented a port-a-potty for folks who don’t have a private toilet, something you undoubtedly use behind your locked doors.

Attempts to disparage Debra Carey and Paul Encimer are weak deceptive distractions from the truth and the real issues. Poverty. Human rights. Greed. Classism. Inequality. Flaunting white male monied privilege and insulting people does not make you correct, righteous, or smart.

Further, neither you nor Casali are environmentalists, feigning concern for the Eel River, showing disdain for human rights. You’re a realtor who sells (stolen) land to people, many who become large growers, relying on people coming into town. You appreciate getting paid by these growers, regardless of who they hire, many of whom travel here and have no shelter. It is warped to persecute and care nothing for the wellbeing of people who are drenched and unsheltered "when the rains come," including many war veterans.

Paul and Debra don’t "supposedly advocate" for people living without shelter or people traveling through - they directly advocate, support and defend them. That very advocacy is what places you in conflict with Paul and Debra. If they were merely pretending to advocate or help, like Casali with his twisted exploitation and abuse of people on the street, you’d be singing their praises.

It’s because Debra feeds the hungry and films bigoted, unlawful and violent acts by sheriff’s deputies and other mean-spirited people against folks on the streets; it’s because Debra provides clothes, shoes, socks, sleeping gear and emotional, legal, and physical support to people living outside; it’s because she gets people into housing, truly cares and shows love to people with different abilities that you spit your venom at her. It is because Paul and his partner share water with anybody who’s thirsty, share dignified space with the tired and weary, document abuse, defend houseless and nomadic people and the dwindling "commons," that you (try to) insult Paul. If Paul was faking concern for people without shelter, you would applaud him, as you do Casali.

"All information" in your letter is not from public records; merely from your selfish opinion.

Whether Paul and Debra have locked gates is unrelated to their care for people and animals and all the work they do for justice. Justice is something you should consider - practice thinking about it. Valuing property rights over life is the crux of a plague brought to this land by conquering settlers and their descendant "beneficiaries," this land that you believe is yours to buy, sell, and control the inhabitants of.

Your obligation in your so-called community is to share with people who have less (even if they emigrated here, like your family did). Instead of sharing, you use vile words and actions toward people with less resources than you. When you deny another person’s humanity, you deny your own humanity.

Lawsuits? Criminal and civil suits should be brought against Casali, Eel River Clean-up, the county, and the sheriff’s department for civil rights violations, assault and battery, false arrest and imprisonment, theft, conversion, and many other wrongs and deprivations they inflict on people living outside, who, by the way, couldn’t generate as much garbage as your lifestyle does if they tried.

Concerned with mass deforestation or industrial herbicide and diesel applications? Apparently not. How absurd to conflate massive, earth-changing operations based on insatiable greed with people trying to survive, who are hunted from place to place and have nothing.

You want answers? Try altering your lens. Reevaluate. Caring about people is healthy; healthier than seeing through the eyes of an ungrateful, self-serving bigot.

All words used in this letter can be found in an American dictionary, available to the general public. Key words, Blake: human rights.

Verbena Lea

(a.k.a. Kim Star)